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Cities, counties and other local agencies can play a large role in advancing renewable solutions to reduce costs, boost reliability, and shrink the environmental footprints linked to energy production and consumption.

The WIND•e20® vertical axis wind turbine is a perfect way for local governments to achieve their State’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) commitments.

With no capital outlay, WIND•e20®’s manufacturer, Clean Green Energy LLC will pay for all operating costs and maintenance expenses. The municipal’s only obligation is to purchase the power WIND•e20® produces, at or below current utility rates.


Benefits of WIND•e20® for Public Service


Lower municipal operating costs

A top priority of local government officials is to manage government resources efficiently and effectively and, by so doing, provide accountability for tax dollars spent to support government operations.

With WIND•e20®, local governments are able to stabilize long-term energy prices and reducing future fossil fuel price risks for public facilities. By having a reduced energy budget, municipals can reallocate the funds to help the community in other arenas.

Improved communities

Governments have an opportunity to lead by example in the effort to reduce our reliance on traditional energy and oil. Using renewable source, like WIND•e20®, carbon emissions are reduced, leading to improved air quality and greener communities.

Exceed RPS goals and commitments

As State’s set ambitious Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) commitments, WIND•e20® is a no capital cost solution to diversify the statewide energy portfolio.

To further assist in achieving renewable commitments, one WIND•e20® is able to manage up to five additional slave units, with a combined output of 600,000 kWh annually.

Ideal public service partners:

Ideal public service partners include local government buildings, fire stations, police departments, water treatment plants, and prisons.

  • Operates in high wind areas
  • Pays high utility rates
  • Uses 150,000 kWh or more annually

We are dedicated to helping local governments achieve their renewable goals. Contact one of our public service solutions professionals today.

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