WIND•e20® for Education

WIND•e20®: Renewable energy on-site… Powering education.


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School districts across the country are looking for no-cost ways to reduce their carbon footprint, bring renewable energy into the classroom, and inspire future energy innovators.

With the innovative WIND•e20® vertical axis wind turbine technology, wind energy is generated on-site. With both K-12 and university applications, students can experience green power hands-on.


Benefits of WIND•e20® for Education


Become a “green” school at no additional cost

With no capital outlay, WIND•e20®’s manufacturer, Clean Green Energy LLC will pay for all operating costs and maintenance expenses. The school’s only obligation is to purchase the power WIND•e20® produces, at or below current utility rates.

Greening your school allows the community to become educated and involved along with your students. Prominently show your sustainability commitments right at your facility.

Powerful on-site educational tool and visual aid

Imagine an on-site visual to educate and remind your students of their environmental responsibilities.

Unlike other smaller turbines that only power a single computer, one WIND•e20® turbine produces up to 100,000 kWh annually.

For facilities with larger energy needs, one WIND•e20® is able to manage up to five additional slave units, with a combined output of 600,000 kWh annually.

Inspire future energy innovators

With the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in mind, WIND•e20® acts as an educational piece to inspire future energy innovators; not only inventors and engineers, but also community leaders and policy makers.

Project EverGREEN Schools®

In addition to WIND•e20®’s built in educational benefits, Clean Green Energy has sponsored their Project EverGREEN Schools® educational program.

This unique program brings a hands-on curriculum to the classroom. Lessons and projects allow for students to get the most out of WIND•e20®.

Ideal educational partners:

Ideal educational partners include elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, community colleges, and universities.

  • Operates in high wind areas
  • Pays high utility rates
  • Uses 150,000 kWh or more annually

We are dedicated to investing in the future generation of energy innovators and supporting a strong educational system. Contact one of our educational solutions professionals today.

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